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When is the library open?
Our official hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We are closed for certain classes, meetings and special events, and when Ms. Deutsch is absent. Closings are always posted on the library door.

What do I need to come to the library?
To enter the library, you should have a pass from your teacher, unless it's your lunch period.

What do I need to check out library materials?
You need your school picture ID, or program card.

How many books can I check out?
You may take out 3 items (books, magazines, etc.)

How long can I keep the materials out?
Normally, books and other materials go out for three weeks. Certain reference books can be taken out overnight.

What happens if I bring a book back late?
We don't charge fines, but if your books are more than two months late, you may not check any other books out.

What happens if I lose a book or other material?
You will be required to pay for any lost materials.

What happens if I spill coffee or soda or otherwise damage a book?
You will be required to pay the cost of replacing any damaged materials.

How do I know if you have a book I want?
You can check the catalog on any computer in the library. Look for this icon:

Can I reserve a book that is out?
Yes, you can do this yourself from the catalog. Ask Ms Deutsch to show you how.

Can I request you order something?
Yes. Speak to Ms Deutsch. If you want me to order a magazine, it's a good idea to bring me a sample copy so I can see it before ordering.

Can I reserve a computer during my lunch period?
Yes. Come to the library sometime before our lunch period and, when possible, we'll reserve a computer for you.

Can I print something from my floppy disk?
Yes, under three conditions: (1) you are printing school work; (2) your disk is not damaged; and (3) your document is not too long. (Please clear this with me!)

How can I become a library monitor?
Come and talk to me!

What do you earn as a monitor?
Unfortunately, I can't pay you in anything but work experience, and my gratitude. (I also write pretty good recommendations for college).

Last updated September 23, 2007
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